Common Core in the Real World Classroom: Building Confidence and Comfort with CCSS
Upcoming Event for Teachers: October 25


We know teachers and school leaders of all kinds are looking for practices to pave the way so that the transition to CCSS is a smooth one. This series of conferences will serve to assist this process, helping teachers and leaders alike build confidence and a comfort level with the content of the CCSS, as well as applicable processes that will assist this transition for leaders, teachers and students.

Conference description

Each conference is a full-day of professional development with the purpose of developing deeper understanding of what the Common Core State Standards are going to look like in a real-world classroom, as well as optimal ways to implement CCSS. The day will be a combination of interactive learning, processing, and practicing, as well as applying information and research-based strategies to your current collection of tools. Connections and real-world application to the classroom from the field of neuroscience will be infused throughout the day, enriching participants’ knowledge of the art and science of teaching, learning and school leadership.

What take-aways can you count on?

  • Planning templates and processes for integrated CCSS and ELD lesson design
  • Tools and templates to analyze, unpack and integrate the standards
  • Effective thinking routines and strategies that integrate support for Depth of Knowledge, social/emotional learning, and brain-compatible methodologies
  • Relevant and engaging strategies for close reading of complex text
  • Learn and experience methods that elicit complex thinking and speaking from students that you can use the next day in your classroom


  • Whole school and small group activities and strategies that build positivity and reduce burn-out
  • Methods for identifying and addressing cognitive overload in staff, and strategies to build self and team efficacy
  • Effective planning routines for teacher teams that create relevance, engagement and complex thinking
  • Structures and tools that ensure involvement and ownership in the development of your school’s vision and goals for students
  • Methods and tools to provide feedback on the levels of implementation and impact of school-wide actions toward your vision and goals
  • A copy of The Instructional Leader and the Brain, by Margaret Glick

Who should attend

Teachers of grades K-12, K-12 school and district administrators, instructional leadership teams, instructional coaches, Teachers On Assignment, curriculum coordinators or directors, K-8 site administrators and anyone who is interested in gaining deeper understanding of the Common Core State Standards. Educators interested in learning more about planning, instruction and assessment that will equip students to access and achieve these standards and accompanying SBAC assessments will benefit from this conference as well.

What might you bring?

Aside from a colleague or two, a laptop or other form of technology would be beneficial. We will have internet access and a boxed lunch will be provided.

Where is it again?

Teacher Conference ~ October 25, 2014
Fremont Unified School District
4210 Technology Way
Fremont, CA 94538

Reserve your spot using the link above.