Our customized services include conducting comprehensive collaborative needs assessments, creating and employing long-term plans for student achievement and developing effective systems and structures to build collective responsibility and leadership.



  • Getting to the core: creating specific and measurable learning targets derived from CCSS
  • Professional development - planning, presenting, processing and producing
  • Next generation assessments
  • Instructional shifts to equip students for CCSS
  • Text complexity
  • Writing for the CCSS
  • From procedures to conceptual understanding in math
  • Developing performance tasks
  • Developing students metacognitive skills
  • Formative assessments
  • Lesson design
  • Content-area literacy skills and strategies
  • Aligning curriculum and instructional practice to CCSS


  • Translating neuroscience to the classroom
  • Brain-compatible ELL best practices
  • The impact of emotions and relationships in a school (teachers, students, administrators)
  • Mindsets in the Classroom and Staffroom
  • Using data to guide instructional decision making
  • Using data for aligned goal-setting, monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Designing integrated units
  • Feedback for growth
  • Applying Educational Research to the Classroom
  • Curriculum planning with teams and individuals
  • Highly effective learning teams
  • Creating Instructional leadership teams as creators and drivers of the school plan
  • Differentiating instruction to develop the potential of every student
  • Creating a common compelling purpose - starting with why


  • Comprehensive collaborative needs assessments and review
  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring of innovations
  • Program evaluation


  • Educational coaching for small groups, individuals or teams
  • Demonstration lessons
  • Leadership coaching to create a culture of ownership
  • Coaching for teachers, school administratiors and district administration
  • Systems and structures for sustainable implementation
  • Lesson study training and implementation

What our clients are saying...


"Even if I don’t get anything out of the rest of this (three-day) conference, it will have been worth the trip and the trouble because of your session. I learned so many valuable things. Thank you, Margaret!" -3rd grade teacher, Boston, MA

"I haven't planned like this in years. I forgot how exciting it is! I feel like a real teacher again. Thanks, Margaret." -6th grade teacher, Washington state

"We've made a lot of movement as a school this year, and I believe Margaret's coaching has been a major reason for it." -Principal, Washington state

"This is the best PD I've been to in over 10 years." -High School teacher, Central Valley, CA

"Margaret has helped us focus and become intentional with our instruction. She has helped our team feel effective again." -High School teacher, Oahu, Hawaii

"Margaret is gifted at making complex information about the brain accessible, relevant and applicable in the classroom." -5th grade teacher, Southern CA

"Mari is amazing and wonderful and, frankly, the best in my book."

"The principals are still talking about her presentation. It was so impactful!!!" -Principal, Northern CA

"Mari is the only coach who really was able to guide me specifically in what I needed to do. She provided support in the form of research based practices. She designed frameworks to hang the information on that I was collecting. She helped me identify the evidence of student learning that I needed to see and taught me how to encourage teachers to look at the evidence. In short, Mari is the most skillful instructional leader I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with." - Principal, Washington state